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Minecraft Coding with Electronics

Age: 8 to 12

Minecraft Coding with Electronics

Tiny Code Class Features

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Maximum 6 Students in a Class

Progressive and Structured Curriculum

Taught by Engineers


Minecraft is undoubtedly one of the most popular games in the world. It is also one of the most uniquely designed games that allows the players to modify it by Coding their own changes. At Tiny Code, we have designed this unique Camp that combines Coding and Electronics, not only to make changes to the game but also create real life applications of the game on electronic devices.

Arduino is an opensource hardware device that revolutionized the world of electronics. Our students are going to learn to use Arduino to design Electronic Circuits. They are also going to learn to write Codes for these Arduino Circuits. Ultimately they will learn to combine the Arduino with their Minecraft #D world. The result: The Virtual Buttons inside the Minecraft 3D world will turn on Light Bulbs in the Real world through the Arduino device.

  • Understand the basics of 3D Game Design
  • Learn to design Electronic Circuits using Arduino
  • Write Code for Arduino Circuits and Minecraft
  • Connect the Minecraft World with the Real Arduino Circuit

None. This is a Beginner Level Camp.

In-Class Requirements
  • A Laptop (Mac/Windows) with Charger
  • Full Version of Minecraft Installed (Can be downloaded from here)

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Important Questions

What new skills will my child learn from this camp?

This course will teach children about how their favorite game works. They will learn about 3D Game Design, Computer Programming and Game Servers.

Is this camp about just playing Minecraft?

No. In this camp, students will learn how to code and change the programs inside Minecraft. This camp is mainly about learning how Minecraft and most 3D games are designed and trying to manipulate this design by ourselves.

Which course should my child join after completing this camp?

After completing this course, Students can sign up for Level 2 of this course. The “Coding with Minecraft: Level 2” course will be scheduled during the Fall term (Sep-Dec) of 2019.

How will this course benefit my child in the future?

Understanding the inner Coding and 3D structure of their favorite game will be the first step for children to be creators of their own imagination. Minecraft can become a tool for them to learn and understand Game Design, Coding and the technology necessary to build it in the future.

What is the recommended future curriculum for my child?

After completing this course, students can move forward to learn more advanced skills depending on their future preferences, with courses such as: Smartphone Apps Development and Robotics, JavaScript Coding with Minecraft, Coding with Roblox.

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