Easter Holiday Camp

Professional Skills, Tailored for Children

3 to 4 Day Camps for 5-15 year-olds

From April 3 to April 13 in Wan Chai

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Age: 5-7

Focus: Creation

Courses dedicated to introduce STEM and Coding to young minds.

Age: 7-12

Focus: Vision

Courses that encompass the concepts and visionary applications of STEM.

Age: 10-15

Focus: Skill

Designed to deliver professional skills tailored for youngsters.

Tiny Code: Class Features

Proven structure and project based curriculum

Taught by experienced Programmers and Engineers

Small class size, 1:6 teacher and student ratio

Age: 5-7 Years

Focus: Creation

Junior Coding

Junior Coding and Robotics

Recommended Age Group: 5 to 7

This course will introduce young minds with the fun and creative part of coding by teaching them logical thinking. Using ScratchJr, a platform developed in MIT, our students will tell their stories while creating animation, games, ROBOTICS and much more.

Age: 7-12 Years

Focus: Vision

Robotics and Software

Robotics and Software Design

Recommended Age Group: 7 to 12

This brand new camp is for Tech lovers who are interested in the two most popular topics in the tech world now: “Robotics” and “Software Design”. In this camp our students will learn how to create their own Robot and enable it to Automate Tasks using their own code.

Minecraft Coding

Minecraft Coding: Mods and 3D World Design

Recommended Age Group: 7 to 12

Minecraft is the most popular game among children and the best thing about it is it deals with creativity and imagination. Coding is the best blend with such a game as it lets you create anything in the game. In this course, students will create and share their own 3D objects, server and Mods for Minecraft.

Age: 10-15 Years

Focus: Skill

Python Programming

Python Programming

Recommended Age Group: 10 to 15

Python is one of the most popular high-level programming language. Being very easy to understand and a powerful object-oriented programming language, it has become a major programming tool over the years. In this camp, our students will learn the Python programming framework from scratch and advance towards complex concepts through project based class modules.

Web Programming

Web Programming: Create Your Own Website

Recommended Age Group: 10 to 15

Websites are one of the best modern day communication tools. While our youngsters browse websites all the time, in this camp they will learn to create as well. They will learn professional languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


Wan Chai Center

5/F, Yue Hing Building, 103 Hennessy Road, Wan chai

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