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Python Programming: Level 1

Age: 10 to 15

Python Programming: Level 1

Tiny Code Class Features

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Maximum 6 Students in a Class

Progressive and Structured Curriculum

Taught by Engineers


Python is a very popular high-level language. It is emerging as one of the most important tools for programmers because it is open-source and object-oriented. The ability to work with Python can be considered as an invaluable skill of the future.

This course is designed as a stepping stone for our Students to become skillful technology experts. Students will begin to learn the basic concepts of High-level Computer Programming through a series of fun exercises. Then they will take a deeper look in Programming Logic and Syntax. The aim of this course is to lay a solid foundation of coding through practical applications and solving real life problems.

  • Learn basic concepts of Computer Programming using Python
  • Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
  • In-depth study of the Logic and Syntax of Python
  • Complete hands-on projects to solve real-life problems

None. This is a Beginner Level course.

In-Class Requirements
  • A Laptop (Mac/Windows) with Charger
  • A Google account
Make-up Class

We will arrange a Special Make-up Class for students who will miss one or more classes during this semester. The Make-up Class will take place at the end of the semester.

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Parents’ Corner

What new skills will my child learn from this course?

Students will gain a solid basic and working understanding of Python, a very popular programming language among professionals today.

How can I receive course progress updates after every class?

We will send you Detailed Course Progress Updates after Every Class via Email. You can opt-in for the email updates while filling the enrollment form.

Is this a continuous course?

Yes. The “Python Programming” course has 3 levels of advancements. This course is the First Level.

Which course should my child join after completing this course?

After completing this course, Students can sign up for Level 2 of this course. The Python Programming: Level 2″ course will be scheduled during the Winter term (Jan-Mar) of 2019.

How will this course benefit my child in the future?

Understanding a popular High-level Object-Oriented Programming Language like Python is considered an invaluable skill in todays world of technology and gradually becoming the same for every other industry.

What is the recommended future curriculum for my child?

After completing all the Python Programming courses, students can move forward to learn more advanced skills depending on their future preferences, with courses such as: Roblox Coding, Website Development.

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