What is STEM?

STEM is the academic disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This term is used to address uniquely designed curriculums by schools and institutions like Tiny Code, to improve competitiveness in science and technology development.

What is Coding?

Coding/Programming is simply instructions for a Computer written in a specifically designed language for this purpose only, typically called a “Programming Language”. Today, every application on any Smart Device like a Smartphone or Laptop is created using Coding.

Why is Coding important for Our Children?

This question has a vast scope. To answer it briefly: Coding is the future. With the increasing number of Smart Devices in our daily lives, just like any other course as Math or English, Coding will be a necessary skill for everyone within a few years. Our children need to adapt Coding as a regular mainstream course from now on. Realizing this inevitability, the education systems of US and UK have already included STEM in the curriculum. Hong Kong is just about to join them. To stay one step ahead, Tiny Code has already created a structured curriculum suitable for children of all age groups.

Who else recommends Coding?

Why Tiny Code?

We know what children want

We observe how children react to latest technology very closely and determine which parts of it engage them the most. Our curriculum includes tools like Minecraft Coding and App Development. Delivering engaging and productive classes is our top priority.

We believe in paying attention

Our classrooms are small and interactive. For both of our Regular Program and In Home Program setup, individual attention is the key for our classes. The instructor always has the intention and opportunity to attend the specific needs of each of our students.

We are IT experts

All our teachers have extended IT backgrounds. They are constantly researching about the latest developments in tech world. We have a unique advantage of having IT experts in our group, that gives us the ability to provide professional level courses.

We keep track of everything

We believe in learning through observation. That is why we keep track of the specific needs, learning progress and habits of each of our students. Therefore, our every lecture is special for each student as we tailor-make it to fit their needs based of their own learning history.

“Programming has changed the way I deal with my school work. My tutor helped me learn that there is not only one way to do things, there are many possible ways. We did a lot of fun activities that made learning more fun and exciting.”


– Aaron, Victoria Shanghai Academy

Our Programs

Group Programs

Small Classroom

We allow maximum 6 students in a class to ensure the quality of education.

Interactive Classes

Eventful and interactive classes enable students to work in a group and learn from each other.

Structured Curriculum

We created a research based curriculum for our students to continue learning.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our Teachers constantly update our courses to include the latest educational technology.

In Home Programs


As the teacher comes to your home, it gives you the convenience of saving time and effort.

Individual attention

In Home classes are very small, so the student receives the undivided attention of the teacher.


Flexible time schedule and course contents are the key parts of In Home Programs.

Tailor-made Curriculum

The teacher always focuses on modifying the curriculum to the best fit for the student.

“I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.”