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Who We Are

Computer programming is already being considered as a mainstream course in many countries. It will be a part of the curriculum in Hong Kong very soon, confirmed by government officials. Even though it is not a part of the curriculum in many schools in Hong Kong, it clearly deserves more importance than an extracurricular activity. Combining both creativity and logic, Computer programming is an activity that is highly productive and entertaining at the same time. It sharpens the students’ problem solving skills and inspires them to be imaginative.

We also believe that every child is different and learns everything in a different way than others. Every child needs that extra care from a teacher who understands their needs. It is the attention that is hard to gain among a large group of students. That is why we believe for thorough learning process, individual attention is very important. We always focus on the individual needs of our students and do not limit our courses to their regular curriculum. Our best efforts are always to tailor every lesson for each of our students.

The last class of a summer camp

“I believe Computer Coding is the universal language of our next generation, no matter which field our kids choose to step in. My son is very lucky to encounter Tiny Code to learn this language and I consider it as important for him as learning Chinese and English.”


– Qi, Dodo’s Mom

Tiny Code’s Vision

Our vision is a very simple one: Code for Kids. That is to provide digital education for the children of Hong Kong. But if we elaborate, it is truly vast and ambitious.

In recent times, technology has been evolving literally everyday. Being so connected to the digital world, the children of Hong Kong are the new consumer base of technology. It is an undeniable truth that the next generation is going to be completely dependent on smart devices. Our aim is to turn this new group of tech-savvy consumers into the creators of the future.

Computational Thinking (CT) is a process to find solutions of open ended problems using logic and data. While Computer literacy expands to Computer programming knowledge, software operating skills as well as the knowledge of hardware, it is equally important to be familiar with Computational Thinking. It opens a new world of logic and creativity to a young mind. Our objective is to provide Computer literacy for our students while equipping them with Computational Thinking, the problem solving skill of the future.


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